Biblical Meditations - General

Night Prayer

Catholic Book Publishing Corp


Every Moment Holy, Volume 1

Douglas Kaine McKelvey and Ned Bustard


Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life

Marjorie J. Thompson


Means of Grace: A Year of Weekly Devotions

Fleming Rutledge


Illuminata: A Return to Prayer

Marianne Williamson


The Cloud of Unknowing



Advent in Plain Sight

Jill Duffield


Reading the Bible with Your Feet

Lucy Winkett


A Surprising God

Thomas Long


Meditations for Survivors of Suicide

Joni Woelfel


Pray the Rosary

J. M. Lelen


Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours

International Commission on English in t


My Pocket Prayer Book

Lawrence G. Lovasik


Shorter Christian Prayer: Four-Week Psalter of the Loh...

International Commission on English in t


Healing Prayers for Every Day: Minute Meditations for Every...

Catholic Book Publishing Corp



John Piper


The Illustrated Bible Verses Wall Calendar 2022: A Year of...

Workman Calendars and Becca Cahan