Biblical Criticism & Interpretation - New Testament

How Jesus Became God

Bart D. Ehrman


The Gospel of John: A Theological Commentary

David F. Ford


The First Christmas: What the Gospels Really Teach about...

John Dominic Crossan and Marcus J. Borg


The Complete Gospels, 4th Edition (Revised)

Robert J. Miller


The Apocryphal Gospels


The Good Samaritan: Luke 10 for the Life of the Church

Emerson B. Powery


Evolution of the Word PB

Marcus J. Borg


Dirt and Stardust

Jeremy Duncan


Dirt and Stardust

Jeremy Duncan


The Priority of John

John a. T. Robinson


What Were You Arguing about Along the Way?: Gospel...

Pádraig Ó. Tuama and Pat Bennett


Matthew: A Commentary

R. Alan Culpepper