Biblical Criticism & Interpretation - Old Testament Books

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (Bhs): A Reader's Edition

George Athas and Yael Avrahami


The Book of All Books

Roberto Calasso


A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

John Bergsma and Brant Pitre



J. Alec Motyer


The Prophets: Two Volumes in One

Abraham Joshua Heschel


The Book of Psalms


The Hidden Order of Intimacy: Reflections on the Book of...

Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg


Jesus and the Lions' Den Storybook: A True Story about How...

Alison Mitchell and Catalina Echeverri


Secrets of Heaven 3: Portable: Portable New Century...

Emanuel Swedenborg


The Atheist Handbook to the Old Testament

Joshua Aaron Bowen


Old Testament Use of Old Testament: A Book-By-Book Guide

Gary Edward Schnittjer


Who Wrote the Bible?

Richard Friedman



David Guzik


Stories from Ancient Canaan


Joshua: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible

Curtis Mitch and Scott Hahn