Movements - Psychoanalysis

Man's Search for Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl


The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Joseph Campbell


Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of...

Jeremiah Abrams and Connie Zweig


The Interpretation of Dreams

Sigmund Freud


What Is Sex?

Alenka Zupancic


Freud and Beyond: A History of Modern Psychoanalytic Thought

Stephen A. Mitchell and Margaret J Black


Psychology of the Unconscious

C. G. Jung


The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Irvin D. Yalom and Molyn Leszcz


Ecrits: The First Complete Edition in English

Jacques Lacan


Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning

Viktor E. Frankl


Attachment in Psychotherapy

David J. Wallin


Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal

C. G. Jung


Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Sigmund Freud


In Praise of Risk

Anne Dufourmantelle