Imperialism Books

How to Abolish Prisons: Lessons from the Movement Against...

Justin Piché and Rachel Herzing


War and Peace (Vintage Classics)

Leo Tolstoy


War and Peace (Revised)

Amy Mandelker and Tolstoy


State and Revolution

V. I. Lenin


Care: The Highest Stage of Capitalism

Premilla Nadasen


Culture and Imperialism

Edward W. Said


Dear God. Dear Bones. Dear Yellow.

Noor Hindi


Post-Imperial Possibilities: Eurasia, Eurafrica, Afroasia

Frederick Cooper and Jane Burbank


American Purgatory: Prison Imperialism and the Rise of Mass...

Benjamin D. Weber and Ayo Y. Scott


Kissinger's Shadow

Greg Grandin


Congo: The Epic History of a People

David Van Reybrouck


On Zionist Literature

Ghassan Kanafani


The Ukraine War & the Eurasian World Order

Glenn Diesen


War is a Racket: Original 1935 Edition

Smedley D. Butler


Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India

Shashi Tharoor