Political Process - Political Advocacy

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit...

Incite! Women of Color Against Violence


The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the...

Grace Lee Boggs and Scott Kurashige


Inventing Latinos: A New Story of American Racism

Laura E. GΓ³mez


Red Nation Rising: From Bordertown Violence to Native Liberation

Melanie Yazzie, Jennifer Nez Denetdale, et al.


We Are Called to Be a Movement

William Barber


Imagine It!: A Handbook for a Happier Planet

Laurie David and Heather Reisman


Re: imagining Change: How to Use Story-Based Strategy to Win...

Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning


Prisms of the People: Power & Organizing in...

Hahrie Han, Elizabeth McKenna, et al.


How Change Happens

Duncan Green


When We Fight, We Win: Twenty-First-Century Social Movements...

Greg Jobin-Leeds and Agitarte


No LOGO: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs

Naomi Klein