Political Economy

The Administration of Fear

Paul Virilio


Lynchburg College Symposiom Readings

Phd Daniel G. Lang


The Law

Frederic Bastiat


Designing Disorder: Experiments and Disruptions in the City

Pablo Sendra and Richard Sennett


Four Futures: Life After Capitalism

Peter Frase


Classical Liberalism - A Primer

Eamonn Butler


Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?

Robert Kuttner


The Making of a Democratic Economy: How to Build Prosperity...

Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard


How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System

Wolfgang Streeck


Climate Leviathan: A Political Theory of Our Planetary Future

Joel Wainwright and Geoff Mann


Levers of Power: How the 1% Rules and What the 99% Can Do...

Michael Schwartz, Kevin A. Young, et al.