Labor & Industrial Relations Books

Bullshit Jobs: A Theory

David Graeber


Rules to Win by: Power and Participation in Union Negotiations

Jane F. McAlevey and Abby Lawlor


Black Folk: The Roots of the Black Working Class

Blair LM Kelley


Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work

Matthew B. Crawford


A History of America in Ten Strikes

Erik Loomis


Gray Areas: How the Way We Work Perpetuates Racism and What...

Adia Harvey Wingfield


The Conquest of Bread

Peter Kropotkin


The Right to Be Lazy: And Other Writings

Paul Lafargue


Consequences of Capitalism: Manufacturing Discontent and...

Noam Chomsky and Marv Waterstone


Janesville: An American Story

Amy Goldstein