International Relations - General

Paths to Victory: Lessons from Modern Insurgencies

Beth Grill, Colin P. Clarke, et al.


Challenged Hegemony: The United States, China, and Russia in...

Steve A. Yetiv and Katerina Oskarsson


Arab World and Israel

Eli Lobel and Ahmad El Kodsy


The Long March: Building an Afghan National Army

Obaid Younossi, Peter Dahl Thruelsen, et al.


Integrating Instruments of Power and Influence in National...

Robert E. Hunter and Khalid Nadiri


Deutsche Europapolitik Von Konrad Adenauer Bis Gerhard Schröder

Ulrike Keßler, Corina Schukraft, et al.


The Dynamics of Radicalization: A Relational and Comparative...

Lorenzo Bosi, Eitan Y. Alimi, et al.


NATO and Terrorism

James W. Peterson


War Power, Police Power

Mark Neocleous


Liberal Peace Transitions: Between Statebuilding and...

Oliver P. Richmond and Jason Franks


The Secret Guam Study

Howard P. Willens