International Relations - General

A Field Guide for Usaid Democracy and Governance Officers:...

U S Agency for Internation Development


Religion and International Politics

Ludwig Gelot


British Foreign Policy 1660-1972

Keith Feiling


The Global Commons: An Introduction

Susan J Buck


China's International Relations in the 21st Century: Dynamics...

Gerald Chan, Daojiong Zha, et al.


Ukrainian Debate on NATO

Natalia Lapshyna


Administrative Ethics and Development

Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor


United States Policies Toward Mexico: Perceptions and...

Richard D. Erb and Stanley Robert Ross


Missile Defense in the Middle East

Maschenka Braganca


Spin in the European Union

Sven Kjellstrom


National Security

Funso Adesola


Smyrna's Ashes, Volume 5

Michelle Tusan


Changing the Policy of the United States Government Toward...

Eric Truett, Hunter Goodnight, et al.