History & Theory - General

The Free World: Art and Thought in the Cold War

Louis Menand


The Wretched of the Earth

Frantz Fanon


The Proletarian's Pocketbook

Karl Marx, Malcolm X, et al.


The State and Revolution

V. I. Lenin


Principles of Communism

Friedrich Engels


Society of the Spectacle

Guy Debord


The Young Lords: A Radical History

Johanna Fernรกndez


State and Revolution

V. I. Lenin


Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present

Ruth Ben-Ghiat


Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures

Mark Fisher


Black Panthers Speak


Abolition Geography: Essays Towards Liberation

Ruth Wilson Gilmore


Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?

Michael J. Sandel


Consequences of Capitalism: Manufacturing Discontent and...

Noam Chomsky and Marv Waterstone


The Force of Nonviolence: An Ethico-Political Bind

Judith Butler


A Brief History of Neoliberalism

David Harvey