Subjects & Themes - Love & Erotica

Love Infinite: Poems on Love from Affection to Romance

Chandra Stephens, Michele Stephens, et al.


Sleepless Nights

Derek M. Krajewski and Olerelc


The Little Black Book of Summer Love: A Book of Poetry

Anthony Johnson and Cathy Bishop


Architecture of Being: Selected Poems

Bruce Colbert and Anna Faktorovich


One Hundred Breaths

James P. Roberts and Melanie Hurtgen


Now and Forever Our Love: and Other Love Poems

Noreen Ann Snyder and Garry a. Snyder


Les trophées: José-Maria de Heredia

José-Maria de Heredia


Miami se desnuda ante mi

Daviel Pedroso


Miami a mis pies

Daviel Pedroso



Mario Converse (pseudónimo)


The Sound of Falling Snow

David Rhoades Johnson


Blood of My Blood: Second Drop

Khali Raymond and Savage Writer



Sandra Simonds


In and Out of Love

Kim Nguyen


Aquel Año: Versos blancos

A. Emma Sopeña Balordi



Yoselyn Julia Daniel Velásquez Núñez