African Books

Saltwater Demands a Psalm: Poems

Kweku Abimbola


Content Warning: Everything

Akwaeke Emezi


When the Night Agrees to Speak to Me

Ananda Devi


The Butterfly's Burden

Mahmoud Darwish


Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth

Warsan Shire


A Fire in My Head: Poems for the Dawn

Ben Okri


The Gathering of Bastards

Romeo Oriogun


Surviving Loss

Busisiwe Mahlangu


Every Word You Cannot Say

Iain S. Thomas


Chameleon Aura

Billy Chapata


On a Sea of Glass: The Life & Loss of the RMS Titanic

J. Kent Layton, Tad Fitch, et al.


Echoes of Heaven: A Poetry Collection

Olamide Oti-Akappo


Don't Wait Til I Die To Love Me

Michael Tavon and 89s


Refractive Africa

Will Alexander


Woman, Eat Me Whole: Poems

Ama Asantewa Diaka


Heavy Is the Head

Sumaya Enyegue



Leila Chatti


If I Were Another: Poems

Mahmoud Darwish


The Tale of the Harmattan

Tanure Ojaide


Questions for Ada

Ijeoma Umebinyuo


January Children

Safia Elhillo