Private Notebooks: 1914-1916

Ludwig Wittgenstein


An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

Ali Almossawi and Alejandro Giraldo


Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Critique of Pure Reason

Immanuel Kant


Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic

Lewis Carroll


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: The Phenomenology of Spirit

Georg Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel


On Logic and the Theory of Science

Jean Cavailles


Divine Motivation Theory

Linda Trinkaus Zagzebski


Studies in Buddhist Philosophy

Mark Siderits


Approaching Hegel's Logic, Obliquely

Angelica Nuzzo


The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to...

Hans Bluedorn, Nathaniel Bluedorn, et al.


Language, Truth and Logic

Alfred Jules Ayer


The Art of Logic in an Illogical World

Eugenia Cheng


Major Works: Selected Philosophical Writings

Ludwig Wittgenstein