History & Surveys - General

A Discourse on the Method

Renรฉ Descartes


After the Apocalypse



The Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth (abridged)

Douglas Edison Harding


Skepticism: An Anthology

Richard H. Popkin


The Origin and Goal of History

Karl Jaspers


Essay on the Freedom of the Will

Arthur Schopenhauer


Saturn and Melancholy: Studies in the History of Natural...

Erwin Panofsky, Fritz Saxl, et al.


Kierkegaard's Writings, XII, Volume I: Concluding...

Sรธren Kierkegaard


Capitalism: A Conversation in Critical Theory

Nancy Fraser and Rahel Jaeggi


Twilight of the Idols

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche



Karl Jaspers


Why I Am So Wise

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche