Television - History & Criticism

Live from New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of...

James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales


Nobody Does It Better: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized...

Edward Gross and Mark A Altman


Seinfeldia: How a Show about Nothing Changed Everything

Jennifer Keishin Armstrong


Mad Men Carousel (Paperback Edition): The Complete Critical...

Matt Zoller Seitz and Max Dalton


The Sopranos Sessions

Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall


The Show Won't Go on: The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and...

Burt Kearns and Jeff Abraham


Goodnight, John Boy: A Celebration of an American Family and...

Earl Hamner and Ralph Giffin


Seinfeld: A Cultural History

Paul Arras


From Captain Penny to Superhost: Tales from the Golden Age of...

Janice Olszewski and Mike Olszewski


Confessions of an Investigative Reporter

Matthew Schwartz