Dance - General Books

The Lucid Body: A Guide for the Physical Actor

Fay Simpson and Eleanor Rose Boynton


Dance: A Creative Art Experience

Margaret N. H'Doubler


Breadth of Bodies: Discussing Disability in Dance

Emmaly Wiederholt, Silva Laukkanen, et al.


A Choreographer's Handbook

Jonathan Burrows


Born to Dance: Celebrating the Wonder of Childhood

Jordan Matter


Putting My Heels Down

Kara Tatelbaum


International Showgirl

Gaynor Scott


Appreciating Dance: A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art

Editors of Dance Horizons and Harriet Lihs


Dance Anatomy

Jacqui Haas


Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery

Eric Franklin


Choreology Basic

Michel F. Jacques


Our Last Blue Moon

Kris O'Shee


The Art of Making Dances (Revised)

Doris Humphrey