Unexplained Phenomena

Weird Earth: Debunking Strange Ideas about Our Planet

Donald R. Prothero


Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot...

Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner


12th Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles

Zecharia Sitchin


Ghosts of the Berkshires

Robert Oakes


Wicked New Hampshire

Renee Mallett


Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld

Patrick Harpur


The Big Book of Ohio Ghost Stories

James A. Willis


The Legend of Bigfoot: Leaving His Mark on the World

T. S. Mart and Mel Cabre


Black Eyed Children: Revised 2nd Edition

David Weatherly


Abominable Science!: Origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and Other...

Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero


Haunted New Jersey: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the...

Patricia A. Martinelli and Jr. Charles A. Stansfield


Beast: Werewolves, Serial Killers, and Man-Eaters: The...

S. R. Schwalb and Gustavo Sanchez Romero


Monsters of West Virginia: Myspb

Rosemary Ellen Guiley


Haunted Bay City, Michigan

Nicole Beauchamp


Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing the Dark Divide

Robert Michael Pyle


Haunted Bisbee

Francine Powers


Haunted Joliet Prison

Wendy Moxley Roe