UFOs & Extraterrestrials

The Mothman Prophecies: A True Story

John A Keel


The Day After Roswell

Philip Corso and William J. Birnes


An Illustrated History of UFOs

Adam Allsuch Boardman


A CE-5 Handbook: An Easy-To-Use Guide to Help You Contact...

Cielia Hatch and Mark Koprowski


Keepers of the Garden

Dolores Cannon


The Ra Material: Law of One: 40th-Anniversary Boxed Set

Jim McCarty, Carla L. Rueckert, et al.


Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage

Lyssa Royal-Holt, Keith Priest, et al.


Legacy from the Stars

Dolores Cannon


The Legend of Starcrash

Dolores Cannon


Awakening in the Dream: Contact with the Divine

David Wilcock


When Time Began: Book V of the Earth Chronicles

Zecharia Sitchin