Astrology - Horoscopes

Carmen Astrologicum: The 'Umar al-Tabari Translation (Updated)

'Umar Al-Tabari and Dorotheus Of Sidon


Persian Nativities IV: On the Revolutions of the Years of...

Benjamin N. Dykes and Abu Ma'shar Al-Balkhi


O Ber



Celestial Watercolor: Learn to Paint the Zodiac...

D. R. McElroy and Elise Mahan


The Beginning of Wisdom

Avraham Ibn Ezra


Aspect Pattern Astrology: A New Holistic Horoscope...

Bruno Huber, Michael Alexander Huber, et al.


Little Giant(r) Encyclopedia: The Zodiac

Diagram Group the


Zodiac Embroidery: Stitch Your Sign!

Anna Fleiss


Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Volume 5

Colin Bedell


Zodiac Signs: Libra, Volume 7

Gabrielle Moritz


Zodiac Signs: Virgo, Volume 12

Bess Matassa


Horoscope 2020: Your Complete Forecast

Bejan Daruwalla


The Art of Horary Astrology

Benjamin N. Dykes and Oner Doser


Mythic Astrology: Internalizing the Planetary Powers (Reprint)

Kenneth Johnson and Ariel Guttman