Ecosystems & Habitats - Wilderness Books

Cascadia Field Guide: Art, Ecology, Poetry

Elizabeth Bradfield, Derek Sheffield, et al.


Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild

Doniga Markegard


The Field Guide to Wildlife Habitats of the Eastern United...

Janine M. Benyus and Glenn Wolff


Never Alone: A Solo Arctic Survival Journey

Woniya Dawn Thibeault and Nathan B. Peltier


Mushrooms: A Wooden Magnet Set

Meg Madden


Safari: A Photicular Book

Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann


Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest

Mark Turner and Phyllis Gustafson


National Geographic Atlas of the National Parks

Jon Waterman


Trees and Shrubs of the Pacific Northwest

Mark Turner and Ellen Kuhlmann


Our National Parks

John Muir