Plants - Trees Books

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They...

Peter Wohlleben


The Sibley Guide to Trees

David Allen Sibley


Trees of Minnesota Field Guide

Stan Tekiela


How to Be More Tree: Essential Life Lessons for Perennial...

Potter Gift and Annie Davidson


Reading the Forested Landscape: A Natural History of New England

Tom Wessels and Brian D Cohen


National Audubon Society Trees of North America

National Audubon Society


A Tree a Day

Amy-Jane Beer


In Search of the Old Ones: An Odyssey Among Ancient Trees

Anthony D. Fredericks


Around the World in 80 Trees

Jonathan Drori


Must Love Trees: An Unconventional Guide

Tobin Mitnick


Sprout Lands: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees

William Bryant Logan


Bark: A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast

Michael Wojtech


Around the World in 80 Plants

Jonathan Drori and Lucille Clerc


Elderflora: A Modern History of Ancient Trees

Jared Farmer