Ecosystems & Habitats - Lakes, Ponds & Swamps

Birds of Lake Merritt

Alex Harris


Walden and Civil Disobedience

Henry David Thoreau


A Year in the Wilderness: Bearing Witness in the Boundary Waters

Dave Freeman and Amy Freeman


Underwater Ghost Towns of North Georgia

Lisa M. Russell


Wetland Plants of Oregon & Washington

B. Jennifer Guard


Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs and the Chesapeake Bay

William W. Warner and William W. Warner


A Natural History of Lake Ontario

Susan P. Gateley


Pond Life: Revised and Updated (Revised, Updated)

George K Reid, Sally D Kaicher, et al.


Florida's Wetlands

D. Bruce Means, Anne Rudloe, et al.


Invaders of the Great Lakes: Invasive Species and Their...

Karen R. Hollingsworth


The Swimming Holes of Texas

Julie Wernersbach and Carolyn Tracy


Florida's Waters

Anne Rudloe, Ellie Whitney, et al.


The Complex Lives of British Freshwater Fishes

Mark Everard and Jack Perks


Odds and Ends of a Writer's Life

Rod Giblett


The Great Lakes Water Wars (Revised)

Peter Annin