Animals - Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Creatures Books

Dinosaurs--The Grand Tour, Second Edition: Everything Worth...

Keiron Pim and Fabio Pastori


Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History (Revised)

David B. Weishampel, David E. Fastovsky, et al.


Dinosaurs: New Visions of a Lost World

Michael J. Benton and Bob Nicholls


Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan


Dinosaur Philosophy

James Stewart and K. Roméy


Dinosaurs: Profiles from a Lost World

Riley Black and Riccardo Frapiccini


The Princeton Field Guide to Mesozoic Sea Reptiles

Gregory S. Paul


Dinosaur: A Photicular Book

Dan Kainen and Kathy Wollard


Dinosaurs: A Smithsonian Coloring Book

Rachel Curtis


Origami Dinosaurs for Beginners

John Montroll


Age of Ancient Sea Monsters

Yang Yang and Chuang Zhao


Jurassic Terrarium: With Tiny Dinosaur!

Running Press


The Princeton Field Guide to Pterosaurs

Gregory S. Paul


Jurassic World Adult Coloring Book

Nbc Universal, Chris Bolson, et al.