Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical...

Harriet A. Washington


Still Not Safe: Patient Safety and the Middle-Managing of...

Robert Wears and Kathleen Sutcliffe


Biomedical Ethics

David DeGrazia, Thomas A Mappes, et al.


Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Michael Dunn and Tony Hope


Bioethics: Legal and Clinical Case Studies

Joseph P. DeMarco and Gary E Jones


Ethics for Behavior Analysts

Jon Bailey and Mary Burch


The Laws of Medicine: Field Notes from an Uncertain Science

Siddhartha Mukherjee


Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions

Regina F Doherty and Ruth B Purtilo


Fear of the Invisible

Janine Roberts


The Vaccine Papers

Janine Roberts


The Christian Art of Dying: Learning from Jesus

Allen Verhey


Complex Ethics Consultations


Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven But Nobody Wants to Die:...

Jonathan D Moreno and Amy Gutmann


Death by Medicine [With DVD]

Carolyn Dean, Gary Null, et al.


The Brewsters

Thomas Cole and Jeffrey Spike