Group Theory

Indra's Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein

David Wright, David Mumford, et al.


Finite Group Theory

M. Aschbacher


Lie Groups for Pedestrians

Harry J. Lipkin



Ian Stewart


Problems in Group Theory

John D Dixon


An Introduction to the Theory of Groups

Paul Alexandroff


Galois Theory: Lectures Delivered at the University of Notre...

Emil Artin and Mathematics


Group Theory and Its Application to Physical Problems

Morton Hamermesh


Representation Theory of Finite Groups (Revised)

Martin Burrow


Character Theory of Finite Groups

I Martin Isaacs


A Course on Group Theory (Revised)

John S Rose


The Theory of Groups

Marshall Hall


The Magic Fishbone

Charles Dickens and Louis Slobodkin


Combinatorics of Coxeter Groups (2005)

Anders Bjorner and Francesco Brenti


Young Tableaux: With Applications to Representation Theory...

William Fulton and Fulton William