Differential Equations - General

Methods of Mathematical Modelling: Continuous Systems and...

Mark Bowen and Thomas Witelski


Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers I:...

Steven a. Orszag and Carl M. Bender


Perturbation Methods

E. J. Hinch


Ordinary Differential Equations

V. I. Arnold


Schaum's Outline of Differential Equations

Richard Bronson and Gabriel Costa


Differential Equations for Dummies

Steven Holzner


Differential Calculus

A. Avez


Minimax Theorems

Michel Willem


Ordinary Differential Equations

Jack K. Hale


Differential Equations, Volume 1

Kenneth Stroud


Cartesian Vectors and Tensors

Ram Bilas Misra


Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems

Athanasios C. Antoulas


The Inverse Problem of Scattering Theory

V. a. Marchenko and Z. S. Agranovich