Chaos Near Resonance

G. Haller


Right Jacobson Radicals for Right Near-Rings

Ravi Srinivasa Rao and Korrapati Siva Prasad


Free Convective Mhd Boundary Layer Flows

Vijaya Kumar a. G. and Rushi Kumar B.


Thermoelastic Modeling in Homogeneous & Functionally Gradient...

Khalsa Lalsingh, Kamdi Dilip, et al.


Convexity and Types of Arcs & Nodes in Fuzzy Graphs

Sunitha M. S. and Suvarna N. T.


Prikladnoe Tenzornoe Ischislenie

Tarabrin Gennadiy


Dinamica Nao Linear E Caos No Mercado Financeiro

Rodriguez Carranza Alexis, P. Cabral Marco Aurelio, et al.


Notions de Gisement Solaire



L'Intrusion Marine



Training of Teachers of Elementary and Secondary Mathematics

Commission on the Teaching of Mathematic