Subjects & Themes - Nature Books

Orwell's Roses

Rebecca Solnit


Dyke (geology)

Sabrina Imbler


Don't Read Poetry: A Book about How to Read Poems

Stephanie Burt


Warmth: Coming of Age at the End of Our World

Daniel Sherrell


Telling the Stories Right


The Light Room

Kate Zambreno


How I Became a Tree

Sumana Roy


Why We Love Middle-Earth: An Enthusiast's Book about Tolkien,...

Shawn E. Marchese and Alan Sisto


Holy the Firm

Annie Dillard


The Love Language of Flowers: Floriography and Elevated,...

Lisa McGuinness and Jess Buttermore


The Paradise Notebooks: 90 Miles Across the Sierra Nevada

Steven Nightingale and Richard J. Nevle