Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology Books

Pandora's Jar: Women in the Greek Myths

Natalie Haynes


The Book of Japanese Folklore: An Encyclopedia of the...

Thersa Matsuura and Michelle Wang


Divine Might: Goddesses in Greek Myth

Natalie Haynes


Gods and Mortals: Ancient Greek Myths for Modern Readers

Sarah Iles Johnston


Women of Myth: From Deer Woman and Mami Wata to Amaterasu and...

Genn McMenemy, Jenny Williamson, et al.


The Prose Edda: Tales from Norse Mythology

Snorri Sturluson


Down and Out in Paris and London

George Orwell


The Road to Wigan Pier

George Orwell


A Study in Scarlet

Arthur Conan Doyle, Darryl Jones, et al.


Ka Po'e Mo'o Akua: Hawaiian Reptilian Water Deities

Marie Alohalani Brown


Heroines of Olympus: The Women of Greek Mythology

Ellie Mackin Roberts


A Son at the Front

Julie Olin-Ammentorp and Edith Wharton


Primitive Mythology (the Masks of God, Volume 1)

Joseph Campbell


Tablet of Destinies

Roberto Calasso