Emerson: Poems

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The Art of Daring: Risk, Restlessness, Imagination

Carl Phillips


We Begin in Gladness: How Poets Progress

Craig Morgan Teicher


The Art of Reading Poetry

Harold Bloom


What W. H. Auden Can Do for You

Alexander McCall Smith


Rhyme's Reason: A Guide to English Verse

John Hollander


Pan Tadeusz: The Last Foray in Lithuania

Adam Mickiewicz


Letters of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


Paradise Lost: A Primer

Michael Cavanagh


Splay Anthem

Nathaniel Mackey


William Wordsworth: A Life

Stephen Gill


On Grief and Reason: Essays

Joseph Brodsky



Susan Tepper


Everybody's Martyrology

Frank Davey