Poetry Books

A Poetry Handbook

Mary Oliver


Letters to a Young Poet

Rainer Maria Rilke


Keats: A Brief Life in Nine Poems and One Epitaph

Lucasta Miller


Leaves of Grass

Walt Whitman


Immortal Poems of the English Language

Oscar Williams


The Art of Daring: Risk, Restlessness, Imagination

Carl Phillips


The Metamorphoses of Ovid


New Hampshire

Robert Frost


The Making of a Poem


William Blake: The Complete Illuminated Books

William Blake


The Orphic Voice: Poetry and Natural History

Elizabeth Sewell


How Poetry Can Change Your Heart: (Books on Poetry, Creative...

Andrea Gibson and Megan Falley


War and the Iliad

Simone Weil and Rachel Bespaloff


The Art of the Poetic Line

James Longenbach


Eliot After the Waste Land

Robert Crawford


The Sonnets of Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke


Grotesque Weather and Good People

Solah Lim


Rhyme's Rooms: The Architecture of Poetry

Brad Leithauser