Ancient and Classical

The Daily Life of the Greek Gods

Marcel Detienne and Giulia Sissa


Euripides: Cyclops: A Satyr Play

Carl A. Shaw


Studies in Lucian's Comic Fiction

G. Anderson


Apuleius and Drama: The Ass on Stage

Regine May


Eugipii Opera. Pars I: Eugipii Excerpta Ex Operibus S....

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press


Hieronymus. in Hieremiam Prophetam

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press


Ambrosisus Expositio Evangelii Secundum Lucan - C. Schenkl

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press


Ritual, Media, and Conflict

Efrossini Spentzou


Eupolis: Poet of Old Comedy

Ian C. Storey


Apuleius: A Latin Sophist

S. J. Harrison


Homeric Voices: Discourse, Memory, Gender

Elizabeth Minchin


Oxford Readings in Ovid

Peter E. Knox


Menander: Samia

Matthew Wright