Eastern European (see also Russian & Former Soviet Union)

Nonrequired Reading: Prose Pieces

Wislawa Szymborska


A Writer's Diary

Fyodor Dostoevsky


The Witness of Poetry

Czeslaw Milosz


Searching for Cioran

Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston


The Philosophy of Parochialism

Radomir Konstantinovic


Forms of Exile in Jewish Literature and Thought:...

Bronislava Volkovรก


Empire on the English Stage 1660-1714

Bridget Orr


Don Giovanni's Reasons: Thoughts on a Masterpiece

Felicity Baker and Magnus Tessing Schneider


Philo-Semitic Violence: Poland's Jewish Past in New Polish...

Tomasz Żukowski and Elżbieta Janicka


Fleeing Father

Carmen-Francesca Banciu