Queer Expectations

Zohar Weiman-Kelman


Una habitación propia

Virginia Woolf


The Tongue Snatchers

Claudine Herrmann


But She Said: Feminist Practices of Biblical Interpretation

Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza


Jane Williams (Ysgafell)

Gwyneth Tyson Roberts


Mrs. Margaret Oliphant

Valerie Sanders


Feminist Theory, Women's Writing

Laurie A. Finke


Virginia Woolf: Music, Sound, Language

Elicia Clements


The Mary Daly Reader

Mary Daly


A Room of One's Own Annotated

Virginia Woolf


Geraldine Jewsbury

Abigail Burnham Bloom


Frances Trollope

Carolyn Lambert


Gender, Technology and the New Woman

Lena WÃ¥nggren


Honor, Face, and Violence: Cross-Cultural Literary...

Yan Sun, Mine Krause, et al.


Mrs. Henry Wood

Mariaconcetta Costantini