The Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln


We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama

Joy-Ann Reid and E J Dionne Jr


Unleash Your Voice: Powerful Public Speaking for Every Woman

Joanne Flinn and Lavinia Thanapathy



Meredith Coleman McGee


The Hunting of the Snark (Facsimile)

Lewis Carroll and Henry Holman


All's Well That Ends Well

William Shakespeare


A Documentary History of the United States (Revised and Updated)

Alexander B Heffner and Richard D. Heffner


Acres of Diamonds

Russell Conwell


The Chambers Book of Great Speeches

Chambers (Ed )


Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Editors of Canterbury Classics


Sermões: O Pai Nosso e a Ave Maria

Santo Tomás de Aquino


A Viva Voz / Speaking Out Loud

Carlos Fuentes


Planner 2020: Weekly + Monthly Views - Pink Fantasy Unicorn -...

Nifty Notebooks(tm) and Pretty Planners