Criminal Law - Sentencing

Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Bryan Stevenson


Carceral Con: The Deceptive Terrain of Criminal Justice Reform

Kay Whitlock and Nancy A Heitzeg


The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System

Sara J. Berman and Paul Bergman


Punishment Without Trial: Why Plea Bargaining Is a Bad Deal

Carissa Byrne Hessick


Summary Judgment: A Lawyer's Memoir

Donald Cameron Clark


The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law

Amal Clooney and Philippa Webb


When Should Law Forgive?

Martha Minow


The Trial of Chicago Seven: True Story behind the Headlines...

Bruce A. Ragsdale and Federal Judicial Center


Gifts from the Dark: Learning from the Incarceration Experience

Joni Schwartz and John R. Chaney


I'm Here For The Girls

Renata a. Hannans


Iowa Women's Corrections: A History

Erica Spiller


Prison Chaplains on the Beat in US and UK Prisons

George Walters-Sleyon



Maria Ciccone-Fiorentino and Jonathan Fiorentino


The Meaning of Life: The Case for Abolishing Life Sentences

Ashley Nellis and Marc Mauer