In Praise of Good Bookstores

Jeff Deutsch


37 Words: Title IX and Fifty Years of Fighting Sex...

Sherry Boschert


The Little Book of Racial Healing: Coming to the Table for...

Jodie Geddes and Thomas Norman Dewolf


The End of Policing

Alex S Vitale


Justice for Pro Se's

Richard a. Posner


100% Democracy: The Case for Universal Voting

Miles Rapoport and E. J. Dionne


Still Doing Life: 22 Lifers, 25 Years Later

Howard Zehr and Barb Toews


Neglected Stories: The Constitution and Family Values

Peggy Cooper Davis


Critical Race Theory: An Introduction

Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic


Free Speech: A History from Socrates to Social Media

Jacob McHangama


Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement

Kimberle Crenshaw, Neil Gotanda, et al.


Tools for Conviviality

Ivan Illich


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