Library & Information Science - School Media

Book Quiz - 28

Vaibhav Devanathan


Active Learning Techniques for Librarians: Practical Examples

Andrew Walsh and Padma Inala


Being a Teen Library Services Advocate

Linda W. Braun


Web-Based Instruction: A Guide for Libraries

Susan Sharpless Smith


Handmade Tales 2: More Stories to Make and Take

Dianne de Las Casas


Camp Summer Read: How To Create Your Own Summer Reading Camp

Charlotte Massey and C. Kay Gooch


School Library Management: Just the Basics

Brenda Copeland and Patricia Messner


Videogames, Libraries, and the Feedback Loop: Learning Beyond...

Hannah R. Gerber and Sandra Schamroth Abrams


Genre-Based Strategies to Promote Critical Literacy in Grades...

Sue Kimmel and Danielle Hartsfield


Wikipedia and Academic Libraries: A Global Project

Raymond Pun, Laurie M. Bridges, et al.