Linguistics - Syntax Books

25 Great Sentences and How They Got That Way

Geraldine Woods


On Language: Chomsky's Classic Works Language and...

Noam Chomsky and Mitsou Ronat


Syntax: A Generative Introduction

Andrew Carnie


500 Beautiful Words You Should Know

Caroline Taggart


Syntactic Structures

Noam Chomsky


The Syntax Construction Kit

Mark Rosenfelder


Quack This Way: David Foster Wallace & Bryan A. Garner Talk...

Bryan Garner, David Foster Wallace, et al.


Practical Grammar of Modern Chinese II: Function Words

Gu Wei, Wenyu Pan, et al.



William Croft


¡No Valga La Redundancia!: Pleonasmos, Redundancias,...

Juan Domingo Argüelles


Russian Syntax for Advanced Students

Marina Rojavin and Taras Overchuk