Writing - Poetry Books

Synthesizing Gravity: Selected Prose

Kay Ryan


A Braided Heart: Essays on Writing and Form

Brenda Lynn Miller


Finna: Poems

Nate Marshall


Write It!: 100 Poetry Prompts to Inspire

Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown


Tofu Ink Arts Press Volume 4


The Art of Syntax: Rhythm of Thought, Rhythm of Song

Ellen Bryant Voigt


Subjects in Poetry

Daniel Brown


The Art of Attention: A Poet's Eye

Donald Revell


Edible Grace

Guy Biederman



Laura Muensterer


Escaping the Body: Poems

Chloe N. Clark


The Silk the Moths Ignore

Bronwen Tate


Poetic Meter and Form

Octavia Wynne


The Craft of Poetry: A Primer in Verse

Lucy Newlyn


As Meias do Poeta Victor Nuno de Menezes (Po8 e...

Philipe Pharo Da Costa


A Lot Like Love

Sonia Sabnis


How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal with Prompts

Kelsea Habecker and Christopher Salerno