Writing - Fiction Writing Books

Body Work: The Radical Power of Personal Narrative

Melissa Febos


The Chicago Guide to Copyediting Fiction

Amy J. Schneider


One Writer's Beginnings

Eudora Welty


Writing Fiction, Tenth Edition: A Guide to Narrative Craft

Janet Burroway, Elizabeth Stuckey-French, et al.


Letters to a Writer of Color


How to Write Erotica

Rachel Kramer Bussel


Never Say You Can't Survive

Charlie Jane Anders


The Writing of Fiction

Edith Wharton


The Art of Brevity: Crafting the Very Short Story

Grant Faulkner


Seduced by Story: The Use and Abuse of Narrative

Peter Brooks


Into the Woods: A Five-Act Journey Into Story

John Yorke


The Art of Revision: The Last Word

Peter Ho Davies


Spec Fic For Newbies: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Subgenres...

Val Nolan and Tiffani Angus