Kiba's Fun in the Sky

Laura Hockensmith and Ruben Vandenheede



Marianne Ferrer


Book 3: Restoration

Tracy Wolff and Pat Kinsella


Beauregard in a Box

Jessica Lee Hutchings and Srimalie Bassani


The Twins Go to the Eiffel Tower

Catherine Alford and Jaime Espinar


Aunt Jane's Nieces In Society

Edith Van Dyne (Lyman Frank Baum)


Tracy the Little Traveller: Exploring South Korea

Iris B Y Chong


Mouse Vacation

Philip Roy and Andrea Torrey Balsara


Duke's Rescue: Be a Team

Laurie Zundel and Alice Kim


Ready, Set, OPA! (Greek translation)

Demetra Tsavaris-Lecourezos and Marina Saumell


ABCs of Minnesota

Sandra Magsamen


ABCs of Michigan

Sandra Magsamen


Around the World in Ten Days

Chelsea Curtis Fraser


The Big Booger Battle

Alicia Acosta and MΓ³nica Carretero



Nick Day


Chicken Pot Turtle Va a Islandia

Angela M. Scheideler and Lisa M. Scheideler


The Gourmet Family Moves to Canada

Paulette Halliday


Davy's Summer Vacation

Brigitte Weninger and Eve Tharlet


Yellow Kitten Goes to Paris

M. a. King and Mary Sood


A Bridge of Days

Perry Thomas and Tugboat Design


Charlie and the Creature

Kirstin S. Lenane