Mermaids Books

My Cousin's Mermaid: A Story from Poland

Anna Staniszewski and Ewa Poklewska-Koziello


Little Designers: Sea of Dreams

Kelli D Stewart and Mika Rane


How to Catch a Mermaid

Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton


The Princess in Black and the Mermaid Princess

Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, et al.


The Little Mermaid

Hannah Eliot and Nívea Ortiz


The Little Mermaid: Guide to Merfolk

Eric Geron


The Sea in You

Jessi Sheron


Mermaid and Pirate

Tracey Baptiste and Leisl Adams


I Am a Meadow Mermaid

Kallie George and Elly MacKay


Mermaid School

Joanne Stewart Wetzel and Julianna Swaney


Five Little Mermaids

Sunny Scribens and Barbara Vagnozzi


Lola, The Bracelet of Courage

Cullen, Carmen Ellis, et al.


A Comb of Wishes

Lisa Stringfellow


Little Wonder

Claire Keane


The Ocean Calls: A Haenyeo Mermaid Story

Tina Cho and Jess X. Snow


Sukey and the Mermaid

Robert D. San Souci and Brian Pinkney


The Secret Lives of Mermaids

Anuk Tola and Anja Susanj


The Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen and Bernadette Watts


The Little Mermaid Live Action Novelization

Faith Noelle


The Little Mermaid: Make a Splash

Ashley Franklin


Five Sparkly Mermaids

Christie Hainsby