Politics & Government Books

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts


A Tale of Two Cities (Updated and REV)

Charles Dickens


What Can a Citizen Do? (Kids Story Books, Cute Children's...

Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris


Book Uncle and Me

Uma Krishnaswami and Julianna Swaney


Lillian's Right to Vote: A Celebration of the Voting Rights...

Jonah Winter and Shane W. Evans


Mindy Kim, Class President

Lyla Lee and Dung Ho


Rise Up and Write It: With Real Mail, Posters, and More!

Nandini Ahuja and Anoosha Syed


The Adventures of Pepita Morales at City Hall: The Fight to...

K. Mayenbeer Cruz and Carmen Osorio


The Story That Cannot Be Told

J. Kasper Kramer


Shaking Up the House

Yamile Saied Méndez


M Is for Movement

Innosanto Nagara


Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote: The Questioneers Book #4

Andrea Beaty and David Roberts


Lola Out Loud: Inspired by the Childhood of Activist Dolores...

Jennifer Torres and Sara Palacios


Helping Mayor Patty

Fran Manushkin and Laura Zarrin


The White House Cat

Cylin Busby and Neely Daggett


The Berenstain Bears: We Love the Library

Mike Berenstain


Parks and Recreation: Leslie for Class President!

Robb Pearlman and Melanie Demmer


The Little Republican

Rebecca Hanna and Michelle Andres


The Wills and the Won'ts

Angela Woolfe and Roland Garrigue


Susie B. Won't Back Down

Margaret Finnegan


Alejandria Fights Back! / ¡La Lucha de Alejandria!

The Rise-Home Stories Project, Leticia Hernández-Linares, et al.


Sadiq and the Big Election

Siman Nuurali and Christos Skaltsas


Grace Goes to Washington

Kelly Dipucchio and Leuyen Pham