Clothing & Dress

Beasties Love Booties

Susan Rich Brooke and Simona Ceccarelli


Clive and His Hats

Jessica Spanyol


Ghost of a Chance

Susan Maupin Schmid


We Wear Masks

Marla Lesage


The Little Green Jacket

Jodi Dee


Where Do Pants Go?

Rebecca Van Slyke and Chris Robertson


Ladybug Girl: Do You Like These Boots?

Jacky Davis and David Soman


The Hat Who Was Left Behind

Cรฉline Lamour-Crochet and Feridun Oral


Clive and His Bags

Jessica Spanyol


Maisy's Clothes La Ropa de Maisy: A Maisy Dual Language Book

Lucy Cousins and Lucy Cousins


I Love My Purse

Demont and Wimmer


Chloe by Design: Making the Cut

Margaret Gurevich and Brooke Hagel



Karen Beaumont and Leuyen Pham


The Starlight Slippers

Susan Maupin Schmid


Ella Sarah Gets Dressed

Margaret Chodos-Irvine


Princess Grace

Mary Hoffman, Cornelius Van Wright, et al.


Rollo's Many Coats

Reed Duncan and Keith Frawley


Clothesline Clues to the First Day of School

Kathryn Heling, Deborah Hembrook, et al.


Matchy Matchy

Erin McGill


Fancy Pants: Turn the Wheel to Find My Pants

Roger Priddy


The Clever Tailor

Srividhya Venkat and Nayantara Surendranath


Henry Helps with Laundry

Beth Bracken and Ailie Busby