Clothing & Dress

Cat and Mouse Let's Go Shopping!

Stephane Husar and Loic Mehee


Shoes (4 Paperback/1 CD)

Elizabeth Winthrop and William Joyce


Socks Heaven

Benny Lau


Getting Dressed: Bilingual Inuktitut and English Edition

Inhabit Education and Amanda Sandland


Let's Dress Teddy

Danielle McLean


Birthday Suit

Olive Senior and Eugenie Fernandes


Dressing Your Family

Beci Orpin


Newt in a Suit

Andrew Weale and Margaret Chamberlain



Jane Austen


Today I'm Going to Wear...

Dan Stiles



Wayne Brott and Diana Ting Delosh


The Old Pink Bilum

Richard Jones, Alison Gee, et al.


Bugs in Shoes

Beth Wilder


Let's Dress!

Sheri Safran and Rachel Fuller