Clothing & Dress

Cat and Mouse Let's Go Shopping!

Stephane Husar and Loic Mehee


Anna May's Cloak

Susan Pearson and Christiane Cicioli


All or Nothing

Margaret Gurevich


La Ropa

Elsa Fouquier


Socks Heaven

Benny Lau


Lipstick On A Pug

Laurren Darr


Shoes (4 Paperback/1 CD)

Elizabeth Winthrop and William Joyce


Sleepover Girls: Ashley Goes Viral

Jen Jones and Maria Franco


Kimono No Ehon

Noriko Takano


Talking Clothes

Serenity A. Anderson


Village Dresses

Paula Darois and Susan S Petersen


Pants Are Long-Sleeved Shorts

Esther Zufelt


The Vintage Contessa & Princessa

Donae Cangelosi Chramosta and Marina Saba


Let's Dress Teddy

Danielle McLean


Getting Dressed: Bilingual Inuktitut and English Edition

Inhabit Education and Amanda Sandland



Corey Anne Abreau and Jamie Forgetta


Birthday Suit

Olive Senior and Eugenie Fernandes