R. J. Palacio


True Grit

Charles Portis


His Dark Materials: Once Upon a Time in the North

Philip Pullman and John Lawrence


Black Cowboy, Wild Horses

Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney


Library's Most Wanted

Carolyn Leiloglou and Sarah Pogue


Cowboy Graham and the Jalapeno Jam

Paige Wellman and Karine Makartichan


Spirit Riding Free: Spring Beginnings

R. J. Cregg



Eli Brown and Karin Rytter


The Brave Cowboy

Joan Walsh Anglund


Roundup Rodeo

Courtney Shannon Strand and Jennica Lounsbury


Bandit's Moon

Sid Fleischman


Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy Race

Stacia Deutsch


Maddie McDowell and the Rodeo Robbery

Luann M. Rod


Calico the Wonder Horse: Christmas Gift Edition

Virginia Lee Burton


Animal Adventures: Reillustrated Edition

Laura Ingalls Wilder


School Days: Reillustrated Edition

Laura Ingalls Wilder and Ji-Hyuk Kim


That Pesky Pickle Saves the West

Jamie Cannon and Gene Schrader


Come 'n Git It! Cookie and His Cowboy Chuck Wagon

Jennifer Coleman and Julie Dupre Buckner


Rodeo Red

Maripat Perkins and Molly Idle


Bad Day at Riverbend

Chris Van Allsburg


Pancho Bandito and The Amarillo Armadillo

Mike Sundy and Jonathan Sundy