Transportation - Aviation

Sesame Street at the Zoo

Sandrina Kurtz and John Kurtz


Death by Airship

Arthur Slade


I Love Planes!

Philemon Sturges and Shari Halpern


Sesame Street at the Doctor: Activity Book

Sandrina Kurtz and John Kurtz


Takeoffs and Landings

Margaret Peterson Haddix


Black Dove White Raven

Elizabeth Wein


Alis the Aviator

Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail and Kalpna Patel


V.R. Space Explorers: Titan's Black Cat

Bruce Betts and Yip Jar Design



Eoin Colfer


Born to Fly

Michael Ferrari


Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning!

Patricia Hubbell


Jonathan, the Little Bi-Wing: A picture book in rhyme about a...

Jacquie Lynne Hawkins and Dealyne Dawn Hawkins


Pilot Pete

Ruth Wielockx


Good Night Aerospace Museum

Adam Gamble, Mark Jasper, et al.


Dreams of Flight: Aircraft

Eun Phil and Ki-Hwan Kim


Steve The Alien

G. Benson


Zephyr Takes Flight

Steve Light and Steve Light


Empathy Airlines

Sissymarysue, Sarah Williams, et al.


Will and Orv

Walter A Schulz and Janet A. Schulz


Anton and Cecil, Book 3, Volume 3: Cats Aloft

Lisa Martin, Valerie Martin, et al.


Nadya Skylung and the Masked Kidnapper

Jeff Seymour and Brett Helquist


Nadya Skylung and the Cloudship Rescue

Jeff Seymour and Brett Helquist